China’s air pollution is so bad it’s visible from space

 Beijing urged its residents to stay indoors Wedneday as emergency measures were rolled out aimed at countering a heavy cloud of smog blanketing the Chinese capital and swathes of the country.

This article talks about how China’s air pollution is now growing higher and higher and going of the charts.Over the passed week in Beijing,a huge smog was created and civilians were unable to see more than 200 feet in front of their faces. Airlines had to cancel flight because of poor visibility and poor satellite photos. The hospitals treated over 9,000 children just this month. Mostly had flu, pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis. Civilians hope that this problems begins to reduce and they can have China as beautiful as it once was. Authorities began to meet to discuss solutions to the problem and the enacted a 48 hour closure of business and vehicles for safety as well as hopes to calm the smog down.

Fabiana Vivacqua

Chapter 18

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