Where Is the Worst Air in the World?


Some of you may say Beijing has the worst air, others may say Los Angeles, however, this is not the case. The winner of this category is the city of Ahwaz in southwestern Iran. Mongolia ranks second. Ahwaz has a PM (parts per million) level of 372 while Beijing is only 121. This is a serious problem. Most people go to Beijing and believe that is cannot get worse than this. You can even see the smog from space but no matter how bad one thinks Beijing is, there is a worse off city. However, it does not attract attention because it is not as touristy, the olympics have never been held in Ahwaz, and it does not have as many people. Yet, people still die from the quality of air and the pollution that is in that air. Hopefully people will realize that there is a problem and help reduce this air pollution.


Lizzie Eversole

Chapter 18


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