Relief For A Parched Delta

There was once a day where the Colorado River would reach Mexico. “The waves made noise like a train.” A man named German Munoz describes the tides that would roll up the Colorado River from the Gulf of California. He would even see Dolphins pass by his house, chasing fish. However, that was in the 1950s. Now, the once network of freshwater and marine life, is a parched wasteland. Though the situation looks hopeless, there is now a reason to have optimism. An amendment between the United States and Mexico, called Minute 319, will send water down the river once again. This amendment will also call for more water-sharing between the two countries. As part of the agreement, the conservation groups pledged to provide the water for the base flow, roughly 3.5 billion gallons a year, by buying unused water rights from Mexican farmers.The new agreement will help restore the Colorado. However, the delta will never be exactly as how it was before. 

-Isabella Victoriano

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