Group clones giant trees in time for Earth Day

An arborist and his sons from Michigan are trying to save redwood trees as well as the environment on Earth Day.They have been harvesting shoots from ancient redwoods, and they have made clones of the massive redwoods so that they can plant them around the world. Arborist Jake Milarch and his sons Jared and Jake own and operate a nursery together in Copemish, Michigan. They have cared about the environment since the 1990s. They wanted to improve the world and decided to travel the country to find champion trees so that they could harvest shoots from them. According tol the arborists, these champion trees have lived for hundreds and thousands of years, but they can be hard to find. Originally, they could be found on the California coast and in the Sierra mountains, but some of the largest trees were cut down over a century ago because of loggers trying to maximize returns. Although many of those trees were cut down, the stumps are still able to produce shoots that can then be harvested to be turned into trees. The trees produced are genetic clones. They are also duplicates of the original trees because they are a part of the original tree. Milarch and his sons believe that cloning the redwoods from California might be one of the best ways to help the enviornment. The tree has ability to absorb tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide. Trees take in carbon dioxide as food and release oxygen. This is very important because if there are enough trees to absorb human carbon emissions we could stem or even reverse global warming by removing a potent greenhouse gas. The family laboratory has several thousand trees ready and theyre planning to distribute the cloned trees free of charge to places that will plant and care for them. Colleges and private residences will also care for them.


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