“Painted turtles set to become all-female”

As temperatures continue to escalate, the species of painted turtles will become extinct. Like many other reptiles, the sex of painted turtles is determined by the temperature. Nests in warm areas produce females, while nests in cooler areas produce males. Scientists, Rory Telemeco and Frederic Janzen studied the hatching turtle’s nesting times in correlation to their gender ratios. They discovered that female turtles can manipulate the outcome of their egg’s gender ratios by shifting the date by ten days in which they lay them. The US Midwest will suffer a raise of temperature by 4 C in the coming century. However, it only takes a rise of 1.1 C to ensure that the future turtle’s will hatch as female. This is important, because the painted turtle is not the only reptile whose offspring’s gender is determined by the temperature.

-Monica Rodriguez-


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