Why should you go green after graduation?

If you’re flipping through this pamphlet, it’s probably because you’ve already embarked or are about to embark on your college search. You may be set on a green career, or you may have no idea. No matter what you decide to study, each of these universities offers much in the way of caring for the environment  Among the many research opportunities, state of the art facilities, and engaging coursework, there is one thing for certain—attending a green school opens doors. Many of these colleges and universities are on the cutting edge of environmental research, and several others have taken the initiative to campus life. Indeed, attending an environmentally conscious school is an experience in itself. The student body at several of these schools actively participates in making campus living more sustainable, and for many students, it is a focus of their college careers. Lastly, attending a green school is opportunity to meet others who share similar interests—whether it be a career in urban ecology or marine biology. So if you’re interested, make it happen—go green after graduation!

Green After Graduation Brochure

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