A Parched Jordan Places Hopes in Reservoir

Jordan is the 4 poorest country in terms of water resource per capita. Only 5 percent of the land is usable for agriculture. Jordanians took to the streets last summer to protest water shortages. “Every village and city in Jordan right now is only receiving water once a week,” said Basem Telfah, secretary general of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. “Some provinces are receiving water once every two or three weeks.”The Jordanian government announced that an anticipated long term solution would be a project that would have extracted 2.15 billion cubic meters, of water from the Red Sea every year. Due to the cost of $14 billion dollar project it was cancelled.

Jordan is betting heavily on ,major pipeline, Disi Water Conveyance Project, which is expected to start to transport water next year to the capital, Amman, from deep underground sources shared by Saudi arabia.It is the largest project yet in Jordan, the project will cost an estimated $1.2 billion, according to the Disi project director, Bassam Saleh. 

Alejandro Rey

Chapter 13



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