China Sets New Rules Aimed at Curbing Air Pollution

This article is about how China has adopted measures to improve air quality by reducing the amount of industrial smog that has been infecting major Chinese cities such as Beijing.The newest procedure taken by the government was that stated that heavy polluters like coal-fired power plants and metal smelters must release detailed environmental information to the general public. According to the director of Public and Environmental Affairs, 5,000 of the country’s biggest factories account for three-fifths of its industrial pollution and that the public is not aware of this destruction. Therefore, it is China’s goal to inform the public so factories will feel pressured to creating a cleaner environment. Yet, national leaders believe that it will be tough to enforce pollution regulations locally. Cabinet members of Public and Environmental Affairs ordered that heavy polluters reduce their emissions by 30 percent by the end off 2017. But if the economy grows 7 percent or more a year the decrease in total pollution will not be enough. During the past two years, China has had a rapid growth of environmental protests. Because of protests, coal-fired power plants have been blocked in the southern provinces of Guangdong and Hainan. The new procedures taken by the people may reduce consumption of heavily polluting coal in one city, but in nearby cities pollution seems to increase. The cabinet’s action includes some measures already taken by very large municipal governments like Beijing and Shanghai. Both cities already require much cleaner gasoline and diesel, so that cars and trucks emit less tailpipe pollution, and those policies are now supposed to be applied nationwide.The State Council also called for more cities to prepare emergency response plans for heavy pollution, including traffic restrictions and limits on local industries. Industrial smog in China will never fully disappear, but the Chinese peoples are becoming more aware of the effects and protesting has become a common reoccurrence.

Marina Bryant

Atmosphere and Air Pollution: industrial smog

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