How Supersized Portions are Costing the Earth


Living a life that is too excessive is definitely not seen a positive thing. In this instance of excessive waste the results are having catastrophic effects on the health of the planet. Over the past twenty years food waste and obesity have nearly doubled at equal rates. Studies have shown that the surface area of an average dinner plate has increased by 36% since 1960. Along with this statistic the number of Americans diagnosed with Diabetes has tripled since 1987. This is a result of a lifestyle of excessive living and waste that can directly impact the world and future generations. Another recent study has shown that 50% of all food produced in this planet goes in the trash. Even more concerning, 90% of the water used in the United States is consumed through animal and crop-related  farm uses which is put to waste when uneaten foods get thrown away. With these numbers in mind a study was conducted to analyze climate change and the economic impact of food waste in the United States. The results were horrendous. The study concluded that food waste in the U.S. exceeds that of 55 million tons per year, which in turn produces life cycle greenhouse emissions of at least 133 million metric tons and also costs the government and its taxpayers 198 billion dollars. Even more concerning is that this problem does not merely exist in our own country but also in other developed countries such as Canada and Great Britain. The good news is that this issue is 100% preventable. Through making smarter choices and buying half of a portion instead of a whole or starting up your own personal compost to put your uneaten food to good use we can slowly but surely rid our country of its health epidemic while at the same time improving the well being of out planet.

Alejandro Martinez-Oletta

Human Population

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