Bringing solar power to Israel, and the world

       Image This article is about Yosef Abramowitz who is a soal-power pioneer, an entrepreneur, and activist, and environmentalist and the co-founder of the Araba Power Company who has brought a new way to obtaining energy to Israel and other places throughout the world. Yosef’s mission ultimately is to try to use renewable energy by adding solar panels all around the world. Yosef states, “the need to replace burning fossil fuels is a clear and imminent danger to survival of our species,” explaining the importance of the necessary change to solar power to help our environment as a whole. Yosef noticed this energy problem, and sought to find a way to help the environment with the information he was presented with. Yosef soon began taking classes about renewable energy at kibbutz in Israel to try to eventually form a company to produce solar power. Yosef soon created a company called Arava Power, which was the first company to have a pact with the Israeli government to invest in the production of solar power energy. It took five years for Yosef and his company to finally install a solar field in Israel due to having to finance from Siemens. Arava Power has a 4.9 megawatt solar power field now in Israel. Arava Power has many more future plans to invest in, such as having 40 more energy projects all around Israel in the next 3 years. Nine other fields are under construction at the moment and Israel. Yosef and his company strive to supply at least one tenth of Israel’s power completely. Changes to solar power energy are not just happening in Israel, but in other places around the world as well. Yosef has teamed up also with a different company called Energiya Global Capital, in order to expand and build solar fields in Rwanda, Haiti, Romania and in many other countries around the world. Yosef’s perseverance has helped Rwanda have some of the first solar panels in their village. The solar panels are planned to be finished by the end of the year which will help contribute to 8% of Rwanda’s energy. Yosef wants to empower people to be environmentally aware and make people believe that “solar fields can provide revenue and give people life.” 

-Sofia Guerra

Topic and category: Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy (solar power)

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