Book Quote Topic 9

“In short, we need to build a new economy, one powered with carbon-free sources of energy-wind, solar, and geothermal-one that has diversified transport system and that reuses and recycles everything” (Brown 183)

This quote rings particularly true when considering the fact that if every person in the world lived with the same affluence as a middle class American (as the entire world should) we would need several planet earths to sustain the population. As the title of the book explain we are a world on edge, and without working to change our dependance on oil and fossil fuels we will continue to pollute the atmosphere as well as the environment. If we continue to consume these fuels at the same rate eventually we will run out, and have an energy crisis because solar energy (both direct and indirect) wasn’t developed enough and the world population is too dependent on oil. This applies to Pollution Prevention Act which is a national policy that states that pollution should be prevented or reduced at the source whenever feasible. This act is relevant because if we had cleaner energy sources than we would not pollute the earth with the burning of coal which releases carbon dioxide into the environment- one of the gases most responsible for global warming.

Lea Aftimos

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