Book Quote Topic 5

“When it comes to population growth, the UNited Nations has three primary projections. The medium projection, the one most commonly used, has world population reaching 9.2 billion by 2050. The high one reaches 10.5 billion. The low projection, which assumes that the world will quickly move below replacement-level fertility has population peaking at 8 billion in 2042 and then declining. If the goal is to eradicate poverty, hunger, and illiteracy, then we have little choice but to strive for the lower projection.” (Brown 157)

This quote relates to human population because it explains the gravity of the human population. Countries like China and India have enormous populations that are only growing. I personally believe that it is best to have more than one child because siblings are a blessing, however the planet should be our number one priority because without it there will be no more families. With our population growing in exponential rates we really need to start to consider ways to curve the growth. This quote relates to China’s One Child Policy which limits urban couples to having one child unless under specific circumstances. This law may be viewed as progressive but with China being the largest population (soon to be overtaken by India) it is promising that they are doing something to help slow the growth of their country.

Lea Aftimos

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