Book Quote- Topic 4 Climate Change

“As the planet heats up, climate patterns shift. Overall, higher temperature means more evaporation and therefore more precipitation. Some parts of the earth will get wetter, other parts dryer. Monsoon patterns will change. Wetter regions will be concentrated in the higher latitudes-including Canada, northern Europe, and Russia- and in Southeast Asia. Places at particular risk of drying out include the Mediterranean region, Australia, and the U.S. Southwest.” (Brown pg. 47)

This quote literally spells out the future for the planet if we do not as a society start to seriously think of solutions to global warming. This quote particularly spoke to me, because it paints a picture of the world becoming solely extreme climates- dry and wet-with no inbetween. This could be disastrous because not only will it destroy current ecosystems but it will destroy our current agricultural methods. Without a productive method of agriculture, food production will lessen and with a growing population (with a rate of 227,000 babies born everyday) this could be a recipe for famine. The EPA set a GHG (green house gas) tailoring rule which is meant to cut down on emissions that trap ghg’s in the atmosphere such as CO2 which is one of the leading causes of the world warming up. This law is germane to this subject because without laws like this regulating global warming this quote will become a reality.


Lea Aftimos

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