Plan to Ban Oil Drilling in Amazon Is Dropped

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, stated that he would donate 3.6 billon dollars to be placed in a trust fund in order to protect 4,000 square miles of the Amazon jungle. This protection of the Amazon would not allow his country to drill for oil in the rain forest. He said this about six years ago. Many environmentalists were for the idea and even Leonardo DiCaprio donated some money for the trust fund. But after six years, Ecuador will no longer continue the plan to ban people from drilling for oil in those 4,000 square miles of the Amazon.  President Correa says “The world has failed us, with deep sadness but also with absolute responsibility to our people and history, I have had to take on of the hardest decisions of my government.” The United Nations Development Program produced the essential effort. It was created after nearly 8000 million barrels of oil were found in a national park that is inhabited by two Indian tribes. The dropping of the plan will affect the national park, Yasuni, and the people who live in it tremendously, because drilling will affect the ecosystem. But the main goal of the project was not only to protect the Amazon but also to help future climate change by “preventing more than 400 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere”. Many international environmentalists have been disappointed with the Presidents decision and many protesters protested outside of the presidential palace.

Hana Borhani

Global Policy, Toxicity, and Pest Management: environmental laws and regulations

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