Trash into Gas, Efficiently? An Army Test May Tell

The idea of turning trash, something harmful and a waste, into fuel has been something favored but there are many issues as to why it wouldn’t be profitable. Any waste-to-energy system have been an issue because they have all been inconsistent and not able to handle issues on a large scale. This article talks about whether or not it is possible to produce trash into gas efficiently. It states two reasons why it would not work. It seems as if there is no possible way of producing energy from trash efficiently. Also gasification systems spend large amounts of energy to produce small amounts of electricity. Sierra Energy has solved this issue, think that they have solved the issue. They were testing a “waste-to-energy system” called FastOx to see if this system would work.The way that FastOx works is that a chemical reaction inside the gasifier heats trash that is placed inside to very high temperature without combustion. Therefore it heats up the trash without sending pollutants into the air. The FastOx can heat up trash from raw sewage to old iPods. When the FastOx burns the trash “the output includes hydrogen and carbon monoxide”. The FastOx is being prepped for the United States Army to use. The military has purchased it because it wants to discover new ways to reduce oil consumption. This new invention will be beneficial to the environment. Hopefully this new invention will inspire the younger generation to come up with similar ideas and even more efficient inventions.

Hana Borhani

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy: energy efficiency

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