Human Population

Human population is continuing to creep back up as the title of the article I read states. At this moment, with the level of consumption each person on this planet uses, we are already overpopulated. Estimates in the book argue that right now we are living unsustainably and would need approximately 1.33 planet Earths to sustain the current world population. My article states that the UN projects 9.6 billion in 2050 and 10.9 billion by 2100 compared to the 7.2 billion the earth has. Also the growing population is not coming from more affluent parts of the earth such as Europe (which averages only about 1.5 children per woman compared to the 2.1 children needed to replace aging adults) or the US (which averages 2.0) but in developing countries such as Nigeria which is expected to be if not the most, the second most populated country in the world surpassing both India and China which have enormous populations that are only growing! They also expect an increased life expectancy especially with advances in medicine and technology. This combination is dangerous because when we will have tons of old people and not enough young ones replacing them so the work burden will be on the young (this pertains only to developed countries) to support a large population of senior citizens. A country that is already facing the problem in Japan.My opinion is that we need to hit the sweet spot between high and low fertility rates.

Lea Aftimos

Human Population: Reproductive Patterns/ Population Growth

Scientific American

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