Timing a Rise in Sea Level

John H. Mercer put out a warning thirty-five years ago, about human activities that would warm the earth. He talked about the ice sheets in Antarctica. Mercer mentioned this in a paper that was called “West Antarctic Ice Sheet and CO2 Greenhouse Effect: A Threat of Disaster”. The ice sheets in Antarctica that he talked about are almost completely below sea level.  If the ice sheets were to melt it was produce a possible rise in sea level of 16 feet. Another paper talking about climatic warming, by Michael J. O’Leary, talk about a warm period in the earth’s history that followed the most recent ice age. During this time, the planets temperature was similar to ones that are appearing to be showing up in our future. This warm period is sometimes referred to as “Eemian”. Dr. O’Leary’s team has confirmed that in a world of the Eemian, “sea level stabilized for several thousand years to about ten to twelve feet about modern sea level.” Sea levels would be much higher and harder to live with if we do not stop human emissions that continue to harm the ice sheets. This is something that Florida can relate too. But after his team confirmed that information, modern day sea level increased by an estimate of seventeen feet. So in the warmer period, the sea levels would be thirty feet about the level that it is now. Florida, specifically MIami is so close to sea level that the melting of the ice sheets can cause our coastlines to be covered. only answer for such a high increase in sea levels means that ice sheets are already starting to become degraded.

Hana Borhani

Nutrient Cycles and Climate Change: climate, global warming


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