A Cancer Cycle, From Here to China

In the Chinese city of Handan, the government kept a five day secret about a 39-ton chemical spill in the nearby city of Changzhi which had contaminated that water of the Zhouzhang River.  The secret was kept by government officials, who allowed millions of the neighboring communities to keep drinking the contaminated water.

Another example of contaminated water is in the New Jersey shore town of Toms River, “which gained unwanted notoriety in the late 1900s thanks to a remarkably well-documented cluster of childhood cancer cases and a long history of often hidden industrial pollution.” These childhood cancer cases were often because of exposure to industrial chemicals in drinking water and air.

Hadan and Tom’s River involved the same chemical; aniline. Aniline was the chemical that launched the chemical industry in 1856.

“The reality of 21st-century globalism, however, is that none of us can pretend that by pushing the chemical industry out of our communities we have stopped enabling its dangerous practices.” 

Sarah Medina

Pollution- Water pollutants/ human’s effect


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