Child bride turned scholar: Education is the road out of poverty


This article is about Tererai Trent and her belief that education is the way people can come out of poverty, and how she came back to her roots to ensure that. Tererai grew up in Africa and she felt the social pressures of being a girl and had to abide by them. She was cattle-herder and was forced to follow the generation of women before her which was: early marriage, illiteracy and poverty. Men worked in urban factories while women stayed at home to watch the kids. Tereai believed that women should be role models such as men were painted to be and wanted to give that opportunities to all females young and old. Today, leaders of African countries have made education more of a priority, even for girls. Tereai got an education and came back to Matau, Africa to build a school for both female and males to attend. Tereai stands as a beacon of hope to the community of Matau, where now they send their children (girls and boys)  to school where they can have the gift of an education. The community of Matau has helped this school and realized the importance of education and how it is the main way to get out of poverty. Other communities around Matau have built school for both boys and girls to attend such as in Dendaredzi, where a preschool is being built by volunteers in their community. The quality of education has expanded and are teaching girls and boys important morals to have and the importance and benefits of staying in school. Tereai has been able to educate girls and boys to BOTH be role models in their communities and the world. 

-Sofia Guerra

Topic and category: Global Policy, Toxicity, and Pest Management (poverty solutions)

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