Climate Change Evident in Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe is one of hundreds of lakes around the world suffering the effects of a warming trend around the world. It is now clear that after a recent Lake Report that one of the most iconic lakes in the United States is being directly affected by these changes. The effects of this climate change are starting to put the overall health of the relatively clean lake at risk and are further complicating the efforts that are being done to reverse these changes. The report said that he Lake Tahoe region had experienced extreme weather conditions in 2011, that included one of the coldest and wettest winters the regions had experienced in many years. The report team also has the advantage of a record of the Lake’s condition that spans all the way back to 1968 which gives the researchers a deep perspective of the lake’s condition throughout the years.This helps them put their findings in context with the history of the lake. The research team compared the results to a half dozen other lakes around the world and found that the warming rate in lake Tahoe was consistent with many of the same changes that other lakes were experiencing. Both the clarity and the well being of the lake are at risk and something must try to be done to reverse these hazardous changes of the lake’s condition. We cannot afford to lose the battle against climate change and to see one of our countries most beautiful lakes deteriorate. Hopefully, reports such as these are distributed more widely to the public so that people can see the negative effects climate change is having on our environment and this therefore encourages people to make changes in the way that they live.

Alejandro Martinez-Oletta

Natural Cycles and Climate Change

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