Gulf Spill Sampling Questioned

A sample taken during and after the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico has found higher contamination levels in some cases than previous studies, creating doubt on some of the earlier sampling methods.  Paul W. Sammarco believes the dispersants used to break the oil may have affected some of the samples.  Because of the oil spill, almost two million gallons of Corexit, a dispersant, were sprayed on the surface or injected into the oil plume.  By the end of the disaster, about 88,000 square miles of federal waters were closed to commercial and recreational fishing.The most recent study has found higher levels of oil-related compounds than earlier studies.  Dr. Sammarco stated that a more careful monitoring of oil spills should be taken before fisheries are reopened.

Anabel Danon

Global Policy, Toxicity, and Pest Management

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