Increase in Amazon Deforestation

Data was released July 5th, 2013 that suggested a further rise in deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon. This is  very bad news for the progress Brazil had before been making in conservation attempts. Brazil’s space agency captured satellite date reporting a 5 times increase of the Amazon’s deforestation from just a year before. Since August, when Brazil starts counting their annual tally of destructed rain forests, 2,338 were detected. This represented a 35 percent raise from the deforestation counted last year. Even still, these numbers are not as bad as they once were when people were depleting the Amazon at a record pace. Since then, global attention and the media has slowed down the pace of the deforestation of the Amazon. However, the data gathered recently validated scientists fears that the strenuous attempts to save the rain forests are suffering from a reversal.  

-Monica Rodriguez-

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