Northeast High Science Students have Obama Pedaling for Clean Water

Kiona Elliot and Payton Kaar are two girls who have already started making a difference. Inspired by Haiti’s impure, contaminated, and unsanitary water conditions the girls came up with an invention. An amazing water purifying bicycle. The bicycle is used to power a battery for a 225-pound machine, which “powers a water pump that guides contaminated bacteria filled water through a three-step filtration progress”.  This invention caught President Obama’s eye. He visited the school and was one of the first people to hop on the bike and “start pedaling”. The two girls were awarded with full- tuition scholarships for college. Elliot will be attending University of Florida next year, but Kaar will be a senior next year, and her plan is to start perfecting the invention, her focus is “on improved water-quality testing.” Flinn, her teacher, will help her.

“We’re going to get lake water, and puddle water,” Flinn said, “See how dirty water can be, and we can still clean it.”

This invention could be a key element for water purification in countries who are in need of clean water.

Sarah Medina

Land and Water Use- Human’s effect

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