Nutrient Cycles & Climate Change

This article is on ocean currents speeding the melting of antarctic ice. Stronger ocean currents beneath West Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf are responsible for the erosion of ice ice from below, speeding the melting of the glacier as a whole, according to a new study in Nature Geoscience. This can be related to positive feedback cycles, because there is a growing cavity beneath the ice shelf which is allowing more warm water underneath it which in turn melts more ice growing the cavity even more and so on and so forth. The ice shelf is melting 50% faster than it was in the 90s. The warming of the water was not significant enough to be solely responsible for the jump in melting. They also blame upwelling and the changes in ocean currents due to wind. Recently it is windier in Antarctica than in the past. I think that this is especially important because living here in South Florida if the sea level rises too much my home will be under water. Also the loss of habitat for arctic animals such as polar bears I find particularly distressing.

Lea Aftimos

Nutrient Cycles & Climate Change- Ocean Currents

Colombia University Newspaper

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