Soil & Geology

The focus of this article was a new sea wall built in Montauk, New York. This new sea wall became a necessity after hurricane Sandy to protect the community members who live in a trailer park that has ocean access. This was should be able to protect the neighborhood from the next super storm but it is currently said that this wall is responsible for sand erosion at a popular tourist destination- Ditch Plains. During the fourth of july weekend the city implemented a temporary solution-dumping more than 4,000 cubic yards of sand on the beach. This is not a new problem, the former wall built in 99 was also considered harmful to the beach due to erosion of the sand. The beach usually suffers some erosion in the winter but it typically replenishes itself by summer but that did not happen this year. The local environmental group Concerned Citizens of Montauk has also identified the wall as the main problem, but not much is currently being done. I think a new sea wall is important especially after a hurricane like Sandy, but that they should try to make it so that there is not a negative effect on the environment.

Lea Aftimos

Soil & Geology- Soil Erosion

NY Times

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