The Future of BioEnergy in Finland

Recently, Finland has been investing a lot of time and money into studying the use of Bio-Energy. Their interest in the industry was peaked as they became more and more concerned over their growing shortage in nonrenewable energy. Finland is a country which maintains a great respect for their growing forests. They do not have direct access to fossil fuel. So, they are heavily investing in the study of biomass and bio-fuels. Their forest industry is not as strong as it once was. The demand for paper products has seriously declined with increased dependence on technology. However, the declining use of wood in the paper industry means that there is now room for it to be used in other places. Wood is now being used in Finland’s bio-energy sector. Their government expects that 10 percent of Finland’s natural gas consumption will be replaced with bio-energy by 2025. A Finnish natural gas supplier, Gasum, is studying various renewable replacements to tradition nonrenewable energy resources. These solutions include “waste-based fuel from anaerobic digestion, new energy crops, ‘bio-SNG'(wood-based synthetic bio-gas created through gasification), and liquefied bio-gas”. Gasum is striving to become the leading bio-energy producer in Finland. Another Finnish company, Nestle Oil, is working on perfecting a different brand of bio-energy, bio-diesel. So far, Finland has been very successful in its attempt to shift from consumption of non-renewable resources to those we are in constant abundance of. Surely, we should follow in their ecologically clean foot steps.

-Monica Rodriguez-

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