Destruction of Coral Reefs in the Caribbean

The coral reefs in the Caribbean are facing massive losses, today. The bulk of the coral reefs there are already dead. Less than 10 percent of these coral reefs have living coral cover. This is shocking. The causes of the reef’s deaths are destructive fishing methods, global warming, disease, and increasing human population. In the 1970’s more than 50% of coral cover lived in the reef. Today we see a devastatingly low 8% of live coral cover on the reefs. However, the rate of the coral’s destruction is slowing. Areas away from human activity show a higher 30% of thriving coral cover. The warm water spread by hurricanes also leads to destruction in reefs. When the coral are “under stress”, it cannot give life to the green algea which provides it’s vibrant color. We desperately need to reduce the harm we cause coral reefs in the Caribbean if we do not want to see the symbiotic biospheres completely destroyed. If not for the hundreds of animals which depend on the coral reefs to survive, we should help them for ourselves. Without coral reefs, the hundreds of millions of people who rely on the reefs for their food will be dramatically affected.

-Monica Rodriguez-

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