Possitive Effects of Climate Change?

In previous years, the scientific world has predicted a rise in the intensity of hurricanes. The cause of this threatening inclination in natural disasters was to be global warming, or climate change. However, scientists are now noticing that this theory may be disproved. In actuality, global warming may change atmospheric conditions “so that future hurricanes may be pushed away from the East Coast.” Greenhouse gasses stimulate the warming of the climate, and as most of us know they are caused by human activity. Recent studies show the greenhouse gasses might redirect the atmospheric winds that lead hurricanes to the East coast. According to these studies, atmospheric winds across the Atlantic should shift directly from west to east, guiding storms away from the United States. Some meteorologists do not side with this study. They question the certainty of the positive predictions of the study. These meteorologists also state that hurricane seasons have become longer with climate change, increasing the likelihood that the storms might gain strength. What I take from this article is that we can not be sure whether the storms might better or worse, but it is a nice idea to think that at least something positive might result from global warming. However, this is not to say we should consider global warming a positive thing and grow comfortable with the warming of our earth.


-Monica Rodriguez-

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