Breast Cancer: Early Mammograms

Many in the medical community support annual mammograms and discovering early diagnosis. With new evidence at hand, their point is supported. The benefits of regular mammogram screenings are beneficial for women. Detecting breast cancer at an early stage is only advantageous. Mammograms have helped in uncovering early-stage breast cancers, which are easier to battle off. Even though studies prove early breast cancer screening to be beneficial, many tend to disagree. This controversial subject address whether women in their 40s profit from receiving mammograms to detect breast cancer. “Breast cancer tends to be more aggressive in younger women, but less aggressive in older women”, states Dr. Blake Cady. While, most believe the early discovering of breast cancer is advantageous, many debate when women ought to be getting mammograms.

The article “Breast Cancer Screening: New Study Suggests Benefit of Early Mammograms” by Rachael Rettner states how researchers examined information from 7,301 different women who were detected with breast cancer. 609 women died in cause of breast cancer. Approximately, 71 percent of the women who passed did not get annual breast cancer screening or get any at all. These studies argue in favor of more frequent screening, more women would survive. Women in the range of 50 to 74 are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to get a mammogram every two years. As for women in the ages of 40 to 49, they should consult with their doctor.

-Gabriella Vazquez

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