Oysters and The Chesapeake Bay

In 2009, a plan was constructed to improve conditions of the Chesapeake Bay. However, this plan was not thought out very well. Maryland and Virginia proposed an idea to place the non-native Asian oyster inside the bay in hopes of restoring its oyster fishery. However, introducing this “alien” oyster would do more harm than good. This article describes the effects of this “poorly conceived” plan as “irreversible” and tragic. It is a possibility that the asian oyster could take over all the other native oyster species. Also, the asian oyster realeases pathogens which would sicken humans. So, in my opinon, this plan shows that even good intentions can be detrimental. We have to be very careful with the environment. Placing the oysters inside the Chesapeake Bay would be useless and destructive to the native oyster species they are intending to save.

-Monica Rodriguez-


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