How to End Poverty in the Modern Age

The key to solving poverty in the modern age is to improve the quality of education dealt to the poor. The author of this article believes that education is “the key to stability and sustenance.” In her constant travel, she localized the issues of poverty in the United States to a fault in its’ citizen’s attitudes. She explains that although the poor people in the U.S dream of a better life, they fail to recognize that the door to a better life can be opened by education alone. There are many issues which factor into the poor education in the United States. For example, American schools today struggle with “poor school facilities, not enough quality teachers, lack of school choice…” Also, the few who escape the grasps of poverty enter into a world where the price of a college education is escalating to more outrageous prices than ever. Education is so important because it gives people the opportunity to live a better life, and to improve the conditions of other struggling people.

-Monica Rodriguez-

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