Humans: A Contributing Factor to Wildfires and Climate Change

                 Wildfires are a major environmental hazard. Forest fires have always been present but, but their patterns are altering in cause of humans. Sought to be responsible for this change, Humans have caused climate changes. Climate changes have a tremendous impact on wildfires. Unintentionally or deliberately, Humans are sometimes accountable for starting fires. As these human “mistakes” keep occurring, the forests ecosystems and the climate have altered. This eventually leads to bigger and more destructive fires.

                Some people reduce trash or clear land by setting fires. The gases released during these fires triggers a feedback effect.  The climate is altered. The climate change heats up and dries out areas. When big fires burn, they can have severe worldwide consequences. With this at hand, there are health and economic concerns. An increasing pattern of wildfires has not only affected us humans but, our environment.

-Gabriella Vazquez-

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