Enhancing the Curriculum

Palmer Trinity School appears poised to engage in curricular innovation.

The vision committee is hoping to gauge the interest of the faculty to integrate the content and skills of certain topics into its middle and upper school curriculum.

Assuming Palmer Trinity School provides the necessary support – time, resources, etc. – so that teachers can build new material into their courses and try new approaches to teaching, please select from the list below the themes you are interested in integrating into your curriculum.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Enhancing the Curriculum

  1. Of course, the math and science departments will chose STEM. Other departments will chose other themes appropriate to their subject.

    • On the contrary — I believe there’s much to be learned from reaching across departmental divides and investigating ways that, say, logic and statistics and the scientific method might be brought into critical thinking discussions in my own classroom. I really enjoy talking with colleagues in math and science and discovering how their thinking processes solve problems in ways that might differ from my own.

  2. Athletics already works with (and plans to continue working with) very diverse groups but we are also very open to expanding our Curriculum to include more Spirituality.

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