Greater Risk of Severe Weather

Recently, in the United States of America, there is a greater risk of storms. Around the eastern and central areas, harsh weather is usually ignited by rising temperatures. This factor generates atmospheric alterations which are advantageous to storms. These conditions are known to produce thunderstorms. Along with the rising temperatures, the gradual modifications of climate changes have made it easier for storms to occur more often. These conditions are favorable to tornadoes. Another fundamental factor in contributing to frequent storm formation is due to humidity. Humidity is the quantity of water vapor in the air. It is in a gaseous state of water and points out the probability of precipitation present in the atmosphere. Humidity causes atmospheric imbalance. This can lead to warm air rapidly moving up through colder air. Since hot air can obtain more moisture than cold air, it can produce increasing temperatures. In the future, this will guarantee more humidity and the abundance of energy accessible for a storm will develop more often.

-Gabriella Vazquez-

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