An Important Step on Global Warming

Although recent events within the United States government, have been disappointing, there is some promising news. An important step in the fight against Global Warming was proposed by the Obama Administration on September 20, 2013. It’s the first-ever federal limit on power plant emissions that release carbon dioxide, which accounts for 40% of the greenhouse gases America emits. The plan arose, along with several other initiatives by the President’s Administration, in response to Congress’s lack of interest in climate change. The Administration has taken many initiatives on their own, as the President strives to please his environmentalist supporters. The proposed limits have no initial effects and will only be successful in the long run, but it is still a large step forward. News globally hasn’t been that encouraging, but by the U.S. moving forward with plans such as this one, it is beginning to set an example for the rest of the planet.

– Sean Sabogal –


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