Wave of the Future: Sea Level Rises Not Letting Up Anytime Soon

Since 1870, global sea level averages have risen almost eight inches in total. However, scientists believe that global sea levels will grow at a faster rate from now on. Predicting the amount of rise can be very unreliable and inaccurate, as the sea can rise due to a number of factors, including climate change and ice sheet flows. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA predicts that global sea level rise will be two feet by 2100. However, the sea rise changes differentiate throughout the world because of different land elevation. Along with natural causes, fossil fuels have accelerated the rise of the Earth’s surface temperature. According to National Geographic, 80% of that heat is collected in the world’s oceans. Scientists are worried about the melting of ice caps like Greenland and Antarctica that could add one foot to the sea level rise. Rising sea levels can cause flooding, erosion, contamination and habitat loss. More destructive weather will also result. Rising water levels will remove millions of people from coastal communities. Reducing our carbon footprint is the most effective step to slow down sea level rise. Recent steps by the Obama administration have become a step in the right track, but it’s still a lack of effort.


– Sean Sabogal –

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