Vernon Firm Blamed of Discharging Toxics

                   One of the world’s largest recyclers of lead acid batteries, Exide, has been accused of releasing toxic air emissions. Vernon plant recycles approximately 8 million batteries a year. These emissions have not only left long lasting damage to the environment but to the general public. The releasing of toxins has affected the health of more than 100,000 people. From Boyle Heights to Maywood, an increase of cancer risk was discovered due to the releasing of these arsenic emissions.

                The Vernon plant firm claims they are a recycling facility and are worried about health/safety of its citizens. In order to show their concern, they will temporarily close their plant to install new equipment to reduce emissions and decrease its arsenic emissions. They will set aside $7.7 million to pay for innovative equipment. Also, they will pay testing for dangerous metals buildup in neighborhood which includes finding lead and arsenic in the soil.  Lastly, they will pay for free blood tests for about 250,000 residents around the plant.

-Gabriella Vazquez-,0,5051732.story

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