Microscopic organisms are crucial to Water

Microscopic organisms, which are made up one or a few cells, can be found in almost every body of water. They can be found living on rocks, animals, and plants.  Fundamental to aquatic ecosystems, these microscopic sessile suspension feeders help by cleaning environmental impurities.  They do this by consuming bacteria. By using their hair-like appendages, they pull in nutrient rich fluid to their bodies which allow them to filter water. Each day they filter approximately 25% of the seawater in coastal areas. Since these tiny creatures live attached to surfaces, they encounter various obstacles when they feed. These tiny organisms can filter and clean water. By constantly altering the angle of their bodies relative to the surfaces, they are able to overpower the physical limitations given by underwater surfaces, more often access nutrient-rich water, and are able to filter the surrounding water efficiently. It has been inferred that sessile suspension feeders feed at a perpendicular angle.

-Gabriella Vazquez-


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