Oil Companies Are Sued

                          Oil corporations are being sued for the wasting of natural gas. In result of large corporations trying to drill for oil as fast as possible, without having enough pipelines to transport their production, natural gas is burned. Not motivated to spend money on building fundamental gas pipelines, they result in a “cheaper” way of getting the job done. Instead, they flare the excess gas.  Even though flaring is less damaging than discharging raw natural gas, it still affects the environment in a negative aspect. It moves climate-warming carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A lack of pipelines has also required manufacturers to move their oil by railroad. Natural gas is an effective and valuable, but this is not a solution for gas resource.

                          Companies like Continental Resources, XTO Energy, SM Energy and Marathon Oil are being sued. Oil companies are forced to build pipelines but, the suits accuse the companies of violating deadlines as well. These companies state that they will try to increase efforts to decrease flaring. Creating substitutions for flaring to improve oil and gas creation would take time and money. Despite the circumstances, industries are constructing plans to flare less gas. These plans include using the gas as fuel for their rigs. Also, by compressing gas into tanks which then can be transported by trucks.  

 -Gabriella Vazquez-


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