Education Helped Push Recycling Participation

As more K-12 schools adopt recycling programs, kids across the country are becoming more inspired to do their part to protect the environment. Kids want to reduce, reuse, and recycle because it can help protect natural areas and the environment in general. An example of this is 10 year old kid Vanis Buckholz. He had an assignment on Earth day to do something to to help the Earth. He decided to start recycling because his family did not do so already. He not only began recycling with his family, but he began a full- fledged recycling business for his community. He collected a truckload of recycling every two weeks from his local neighbors y businesses. His service is free of charge, but the commodities he got went to local charities. It is important to send a positive message that will motivate kids to to their part rather than scaring them into helping the environment by giving them scary statistics.
– Valerie Macaulay 2015

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