Weather pattern could provide early warning for catastrophic U.S. heat waves

With the new discovery of atmospheric patterns, meteorologists can now predict deadly heat waves up to three weeks in advance. This can be extremely helpful because it allows homeowners, farmers, hospitals and electric companies to prepare for the heatwave and avoid a catastrophy. “the precurser is called wavenumber-5”. it is measured by alternating high and low pressure. the more amplified the pattern the more likely a heat wave will occur in the U.S. within the next 20 days. Meteorologists are using a model they created using the last 12,000 years of heat wave patterns. “In the model we can produce thousands of extreme events using this 12,000-year run and (the pattern) has a significant impact on heat waves. Therefore, we think this pattern may also have the same impact in nature.”

Understanding these patterns would be beneficial too predicting long-term climate and helps us understand how severity and frequency of heat waves as the world warms up due to global warming.

Ethan Becker

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