Emerging Economies Nearing Half of Global Warming Emissions


Total greenhouse emissions in developing nations such as China and others since 1850 will surpass those of rich nations sometime during this current decade. According to the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, 48% of all global emissions were coming from China and other emerging nations from 1850 to 2010. This number is expected to surpass rich developed nations soon, causing the U.N. to have to determine who is really to blame for climate change. Developing nations’ emissions’ are rising fast, due to badly controlled industrial growth and will account for 51% of global emissions by 2020. The almost 200 governments of the United Nations will meet in November 11-22 in Warsaw to discuss pressing climate change issues and the U.N. claims it will focus on the biggest emitters, the United States, China, European Union and Russia. China claims it is still far behind developed countries in emissions, but the U.N. will still have a debate with China.

– Sean Sabogal –

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