European Union More Cautious as Nations Approach 2030 Climate Targets

Starting Monday, November 11, the over 200 governments of the United Nations will meet together to develop a global pact that will become law by 2015 in order to cut global emissions. Due to the recent economic crisis, nations like Europe have been forced to shift their focus away from environmental issues, but now they hope to bring back the topic. Europe has been the main group of countries that has urged global governments to cut their emissions. Poland is hosting the talks, but the Polish Environment Minister Marcin Korolec, believes that it should be a collective global effort instead of just Europe which only holds 11% of the world’s current global emissions. China and the United States are the world’s biggest emitters and have only pledged small promises. China has promised to cut emissions per unit of economic growth by 40-45 percent by 2020, but that only slows the emissions, it does not cut them. The United States has only modestly done anything, as it said it would cut 17% of it’s carbon emissions by 2020. Certain groups that will attend the meeting will urge immediate action, such as Green Growth Group and Friends of the Earth, and even Great Britain’s Environment Minister Ed Davey who wants a 50% cut of carbon emissions by 2030. 

– Sean Sabogal –

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