Clean Water Threats: Humans and Marine Life

       Recently, there have been clean water threats which have impacted human and marine environments. Earth contains plenty of water which is an essential aspect in maintaining life. Organisms need water in order to survive. Humans use technological advancements to provide safe and clean water, suitable for consuming.  Without this technology, our society would be exposed to drinking water which is dirty and is infected with bacteria. The bacteria could possibly threaten humans and their well-being. However, annually humans threaten millions of marine organisms by contaminating their water with oil. Oil spills dump tons of oil every year which is not beneficial to organisms

          Pertaining to this topic, the two articles “Access to Safe Water: A paradox in developed nations” and “Oil Pollution in the Marine Environment: Inputs, Big Spills, Small Spills, and Dribbles” have been posted. In both articles, they describe the issue of water contamination and how it affects our daily lives and environments. In the first article listed, it addresses how water is perceived among society. This article states that people should be more educated regarding water and realize that water is a valuable product and shouldn’t be use “thrown away”. If the general public was to educate themselves on this subject, it could lead to better water management. The second article listed addresses how oil spills affect the marine environment. It is toxic to the native animals. Humans should be more careful in transporting these chemicals. The article discusses the composition of petroleum and how humans implicate them into their society. Overall, humans should learn about the reoccurring issue of oil spills and how to fix it.

 -Gabriella Vazquez-

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