Quick tsunami sensors tested in Mediterranean

Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey have all signed up to participate in the usage of the new Tsunami sensor systems. These systems are also able to detect certain types of earthquakes and can alert the towns quickly enough for evacuation. Although this is an improvement, still many countries however do lack evacuation plans. Some simulations have been run to test the effectiveness of the system. the system creates an alarm that will warn civilians of the danger arriving. “The current alert system implemented by NEATWS relies on earthquake detection and tide gauges to see if a tsunami has been generated, but in the enclosed Mediterranean Sea it suffers from various challenges arising from local geography.” A downside is that a false alarm could be devastating as well as expensive.”We are experimenting with a new, deep-sea tsunameter that, beyond sensing the water pressure, has a seismometer and an accelerometer that measures the movements of the sea bottom. This way we can distinguish the tsunami signal from those movements,” Chierici says.


Karenne Koessler

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