Global Carbon Emissions Set to Reach Record 36 Billion Tons in 2013

According to the Global Carbon Project, co-led by researchers from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia, global carbon emissions will reach a new record high in 2013. There has been a projected 2.1 percent rise of global emissions this year. The global emission percent is 61 percent higher than it was in 1990. The Global Carbon Budget has indicated that the world’s largest contributors of fossil fuels are China (27%), the United States (14%), the EU (10%), and India (6%). However, the rate of growth has slowed down in the past 2 years compared to the past 10 years. Emission rate is growing in China at (+5.9%) and India (+7.7%), while the emission rate is declining in the United States(-3.7%) and in the EU(-1.8%). In the United States, the emission per person is highest at 16 tonnes per person. Most emissions are from coal(43%), oil (33%), gas (18%), and gas flaring at (0.6%).

– Sean Sabogal –

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