Main Decisions at U.N. Climate Talks in Warsaw

The U.N.’s talks in Warsaw over global emissions, which included 195 countries,  finally ended on Saturday evening with very limited results. Developed nations at the Warsaw conference refused to set targets for monetary aid to developing countries to help them cut their emissions over the next few years, as they had done before. The conference did not address any pre-2015 plans to cut emissions and in fact many countries lowered their amounts, such as Japan who promised a 25% cut by 2020 is now only promising 3.1%. Additionally, less developed countries refused to work with the market to cut emissions, if developed countries wouldn’t.

Some small goals were met however, such as the creation of the “Warsaw International Mechanism,” which would provide aid to the nations dealing with the losses caused by climate change. The Green Climate Fund will also provide funds to projects to halt deforestation in host countries, who in turn must set up agencies to oversee the money.

– Sean Sabogal –

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