Environmental Revolution

              Schools are working to convince suppliers to sell healthier and more environment-friendly products. Students are focusing on changing regular food trays to compostable food trays. Last spring, many students of Miami school used new plates. These plates made from sugar cane can be thrown away with any uneaten food and they can be turned into compost. If this revolution goes as planned, more than 2.6million compostable plates will be replaced with plastic foam lunch trays. This would be about 271 million plates a year. Even though this revolution is environmental beneficial, it is costly. “We pay about 4 cents for a foam tray, and compostable trays are about 15 cents.” Leslie Folwer states, who is the director of nutrition support services for the Chicago school system. The change would not be easy but, much beneficial in the long run. Foam trays are made from petroleum and are quickly processed while; sugar-cane plates take longer to make and need more machinery to produce.

            Another goal of the students is to acquire healthier food. Schools are being pushed to find potential suppliers of antibiotic-free chicken and who have pesticide-free fruit and goods with less packaging waste. Even though antibiotic-free chicken tastes just like any other chicken, it provides a more beneficial way for farmers on how the practices they obtain to raise the chickens. These revolutions could help potentially transform nutrition and sustainability across the nation and make a better environment long term.

 -Gabriella Vazquez-


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