New tests find more methane in North Texas water

There is a new investigation opened by Texas’ oil and gas regulators after allegations were made that methane is contaminating North Texas water after university researchers revealed high levels of the explosive gas in their residential wells. An independent scientist, Geoffrey Thyne said that his belief is that contamination originated at wells that were drilled by Fort Worth based range. Range resources does not find dangerous levels of methane in the water, but they encourage all homeowners to vent their wells. But unlike Range Resources, Thyne and Duke University scientists have and they say it is because the oil and gas industry used a different sampling method then them. Thyne is convinced that the methane is being produced in the Barnett shale, the rock layer from which Range Resources is extracting gas. A homeowner named Steve Lipsy complained that his water was bubbling and methane was soon found in his water. Methane can be explosive if it builds up in a confined space and has an ignition source. The EPA ruled that this was coming from Range Resources well site that was close to this homeowner’s house. Range Resources have agreed to conduct tests for a year and claim that nothing hazardous was found in their water, but others beg to differ.
Valerie Macaulay 2015

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