South Africa: Rhino Killings Increase

Last year in South Africa around 1,000 rhinos had been illegally killed by poachers. The year before there was 668 reports of rhino killings in 2012. The Department of Environmental Affairs claims that these poachers are killing these rhinos in order to sell their horns. They claim that they cross the Mozambique border from South Africa to sell to buyers in places including Vietnam and China. The demand is high for these rhino horns because they are seen as symbols of wealth and are used in potions. The problem is that the rhino populations are decreasing every year and the death rate is increasing. The biggest fear is from a global nonprofit group of international Rhino Foundation, saying “those are the only death we know about.” The problem trying to contain the rhino population is to stop the poachers, however it’s difficult to control any species population when park rangers are not necessarily all devoted to saving the animals.

-Riley Whitman

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